We believe that an emerging company needs 4 things to be successful:


Business guidance from seasoned professionals

The best talent available

Enterprises in need of innovative solutions (ie: Customers) 

Investment strategies and preparation


That’s a lot of dots to connect, but xiHUB has assembled an amazing team of “Connectors” who can help make it happen for you 

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When a company enters the xiHUB ecosystem, it’s because they have reached a point where they need to rapidly accelerate the development, evolution and usage adoption of their unique new idea. They need help to assess their financing options in order to:

  • optimize terms and help insure adequate funds are available to allow them to scale as quickly as possible
  • leverage their unique position in the marketplace
  • fully capitalize on the underlying opportunity
  • find the best commercial expression of their idea

xiHUB provides the support required to determine and execute the appropriate corporate and capital markets strategy. Our experienced “Connectors” advise on strategic corporate positioning and business model options. They help you develop the optimal programme to pursue the most appropriate and applicable investment(s). Our skilled xiHUB “Connectors” will:

Assess current business/financial situation details:

  • Consultant-led sessions with founders and other relevant staff; reviewing business strategy/model, product/service strategy, financial model, assets, agreements/MOUs

Prepare and gain management agreement on a capital market strategy:

  • Review and if required create/refine business plan, product strategy, financial projections, company valuation, investor pitch deck, term sheet

Execute strategy in collaboration with founders and financial broker(s):

  • Support execution of product/service strategy in collaboration with founders
  • Identify, contact, meet, and support negotiations with the applicable investor community as well as potential strategic investors

Provide advisory support:

  • Assist with corporate strategy, product/service strategy, and assessing/optimizing/closing funding opportunities and/or joint ventures

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