Our Cloud Infrastructure* Services.

Due to the economies of scale and flexibility offered by distributed computing on the Cloud, an increasing number of organizations are leveraging this powerful technology and are switching from physical infrastructure to cloud-based architectures.  Cloud adoption is gaining traction among large organizations as well as small and medium size businesses. 

Recent studies have demonstrated that over 90% of organizations leverage the Cloud in one form or another.  Are you among them?

Whether your organization is still exploring the Cloud or wants to expand its use, xiDATA is there to help.  Through our trusted network of partners, we guarantee to offer you a solution that meets your needs at competitive prices. 

*This service is offered in partnership with VEXXHOST

High Performance Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud


Public Cloud


High Performance OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform.

Flexible and managed hosted or on-premise OpenStack private cloud solutions hosted in Canada.

Cloud Servers


Cloud Sites


The fastest & easiest way to get your website hosted on the cloud.

Developer-friendly simple cloud servers setup in 30 seconds.