Our  xiDATA experts are thought leaders in the Big Data domain and will help you unlock the hidden value in your data.  Our commitment to leveraging enterprise-grade Open Source software when possible ensures that you will get the technology recommendation that is the most cost-effective while proven to provide enterprise-grade reliability. We maximize our cross-industry expertise to guide clients through the processes of developing their data strategy, and of building their capabilities to ensure the successful execution of this strategy. Contact us now for more details on how we can help you in your Big Data journey

An interview with Ahmed Eldiwany, our Director of xiDATA . He is a data scientist and founder of SQS Data.


Our Big Data Services.

Assessment and Planning

  • As your trusted partner, xiData will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for your Big Data requirements. This will include an in-depth Architectural and Technological Review, along with an assessment of your organizational Big Data readiness.


  • Our goal is to help you transform into to a more data-driven organization. We strive to utilize the latest cutting edge Big Data tools, while ensuring the necessary data Governance, Quality and Security requirements are met. 
  • xiData will assist in the implementation of a Big Data Proof of Concept prototype system, to allow strategic decision makers in your organization to see the potential Return on Investment. 
  • Our deep Analytics skills will help you mine newly acquired and variable data. Adding these to your historical data will provide powerful new insights. 


  • xiData can help manage the entire end-to-end Big Data implementation.
  • Our certified Big Data and IoT experts have experience with the latest cutting-edge Big Data tools:
    • Big Data OS and Platforms: Hadoop MapReduce/YARN, Cloudera CDH, HortonworksHDP, Apache Spark
    • No-SQL Data Stores: Hbase, Cassandra, MongoDB
    • Data Science tools: Scala, Python, R, Knime
    • Data Quality: Ataccama DQC
    • Visualization: Tableau, Microstrategy
    • Cloud: Vexxhost, Rackspace, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure
    • SQL-On-Hadoop: Impala, Hive
    • Security and Governance: Falcon, Atlas, Knox, Ranger
    • Search: Solr, ElasticSearch
    • Other Tools: Kafka, Flume, Oozie, ZooKeeper, Sqoop, Pig