To be successful in today’s competitive environment, companies need to manage change more effectively in order to realize the full value of their transformation projects and efforts. 

Historically, the majority of change initiatives and business transformation efforts fail. According to Prosci, Gallup, and Gartner Group, the failure rate of business transformations range between 65% and 75%; with the two primary causes of failure being a lack of active and visible executive sponsorship and the failure to anticipate and effectively manage cultural change.
Working with seasoned Organizational Change Management (OCM) Consultants can make the difference between success and failure for your programs. Experienced and dedicated OCM consultants will partner with your sponsors, key stakeholders, and program/project managers, in order to ensure that your business benefits and a real return on investment (ROI) are realized.
Organizational Change Management is a structured approach (processes, tools and techniques) to successfully transition individuals, teams and organizations to new ways of working to achieve desired results.
Working with our Organizational Change Management Consultants

We are staffed with experienced OCM Consultants ready to support, partner, and successfully direct your end-to-end OCM transformational needs. As needed, we can augment your existing internal team with OCM professionals. We also have OCM experts that can provide oversight when large consulting firms, or vendors are involved in managing your transformational programs.
Our experienced OCM Consultants can ensure business readiness, reduce the productivity dip that comes with every transformation, and ensure that the new ways of working are institutionalized earlier. Our seasoned OCM Consultants are proficient in several leading OCM methodologies including Prosci (ADKAR) and Kotter.

High-Level Organizational Change Management Support Activities

Let our experienced Organizational Change Management Consultants lead you through some or all of the key components of change including:

1. Plan the Change (Impact Assessment & Stakeholder Analysis, Change Strategy, Approach & Tactics)
        a. Validate transformation vision and success criteria
        b. Conduct change impact assessments
        c. Conduct stakeholder impact analysis
        d. Determine required sponsor & change network governance structure
        e. Determine team requirements

2. Manage the Change (Execution of specific activities within change plans)
        a. Develop/execute detailed plans. Examples are:
                i. Sponsor roadmap
                ii. Leadership alignment
                iii. Organizational design
                iv. Workforce effectiveness
                v. Communications & Stakeholder Engagement
                vi. Training
        b. Align to program timelines

3. Reinforce the Change (Change dashboard, Amended change plans (as required))
        a. Gather feedback (leaders, people managers, employees)                
                i.  Focus Group Sessions
                ii.  Interviews and Internal Social Media
                iii. Working and Team Sessions
                v.   Surveys
                vi.  Lessons Learned Sessions
        b. Analyze and determine corrective action
        c. Adjust plans and re-implement