Relaxed Professionals


We decided to start blogging, and then, of course, had to figure out what the subject of our first blog would be. We knew that, going forward, we would be blogging about topics that would be of interest to our xiBOSS audience and friends. In addition, we would also be including guest bloggers, all experts in their fields, who will be sharing new insights, information, and ideas with all of you.

However, we felt that the first blog had to reflect  something a  bit different. Something that captures, (hopefully), the gist of  “who we are”….what makes us different? What is at the core of xiBOSS?

At this point, we’re going to stop and give a  shout out to Norma Hietanen, an old friend and colleague. Norma told us one day,  a few years ago, that we, at xiBOSS, were “relaxed professionals”. After thinking about it for a bit, we realized that it was both a compliment and a pretty accurate description of  who  we are. According to MacMillan, the definition of professional is:

    1. relating to work that needs special skills and qualifications
            a) showing a high level of skill or training
            b) behaving in a correct way at work and doing your job well

We believe we can confidently put a checkmark beside both a) and b). 

In our minds, however, the “relaxed” part is possibly even more important than the “professional” part. We think that this is at the root of what differentiates us as a company. It’s in our DNA. We see this as our special  “value add” to the customer experience you get when you engage with xiBOSS. It is a fundamental part of the ease of doing business with us.

We hope that from now on, when you think of xiBOSS, an image crosses your mind of people who definitely know what they are doing, but are doing it in a friendly and open way.

From Norma Hietanen:

I'm flattered that I merited a mention in your first blog, and I'm glad you took the comment as a compliment, for that was my intention. Being easy to deal with is one of the most important qualities of a company. You'd already earned a reputation as a top-notch staffing and IT solution company so when it comes to making a wise choice, ease of interaction is the quality that clients value the most.