Focus and Collaboration Key to IoT Success


Many organizations are still wondering how to capitalize on IoT, but has anything changed other than what we are calling this recent trend?  The goal should still be about creating successful customer outcomes. The biggest change with the investment in IoT is that we have more network options, lower cost technology and an understanding on how to maximize data to drive these successful outcomes.

So what is the formula for success?  I believe there are many factors; however if we just look at Focus & Collaboration as two factors that will help fuel these successful customer outcomes. Companies need to focus their investments on their strengths and collaborate with other organizations to amplify the value and create successful customer outcomes.

The IoT space is seeing companies focus on areas of strength whether this be in big data, platforms, analytics, networks, sensors or devices. Even the large multinational companies are streamlining their areas of focus and investment vs. trying to be everything to everybody.  This is positive for customers as they are benefiting from this focused investment & development and not being convinced that there is a one solution fits all approach.

Collaboration then becomes very important as customers need more than one companies area of focus to drive their successful outcome. Whether it's a large multinational or small startup, there is a need for cooperation, collaboration and transparency to deliver this successful outcome. The IoT industry is fueling the need for this collaboration and the companies that best embrace it will improve the quality and quantity of their customer engagements.

Decoding IoT for end customers is not easy; however focus and collaboration will make it easier for customers to get their desired outcomes and increase the speed of their IoT adoption.

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Shawn Sanderson, IoT Industry Consultant