Areas of Practice


Staff Augmentation 

Finding and engaging the best-qualified candidate in a timely and cost effective manner. xiBOSS has built a reputation for being able to fill urgent I.T. and business resourcing gaps with some of the best professional Independent Contractors in the industry. We are experts in existing and emerging technologies, and pride ourselves on being able to find the scarcest resources anywhere in the world. We build resource solutions that will deliver to the cost, quality and time constraints of each unique project requirement.

Permanent Placement

xiBOSS has built a reputation for being able to fill urgent resourcing gaps with the best professionals in the industry. We are experts in existing and emerging technologies, and pride ourselves on being able to find the scarcest resources anywhere in the world. At xiBOSS, we follow a carefully structured recruitment and selection process, which starts from understanding the clients' needs through all phases. including preliminary interviews, client interviews and formal reference checks. 

Payroll Services

Providing a cost-effective solution for our clients to engage known consultants on a contract basis.

If you already know the contractor that you want, let the knowledgeable staff at xiBOSS manage the administration and payroll for your independent contractor at a very affordable price. 



organzation change management

Working with seasoned Organizational Change Management (OCM) Consultants can make the difference between success and failure for your programs. Experienced and dedicated OCM consultants will partner with your sponsors, key stakeholders, and program/project managers, in order to ensure that your business benefits and a real return on investment (ROI) are realized. OCM is a structured approach (processes, tools and techniques) to successfully transition individuals, teams and organizations to new ways of working to achieve desired results.

Intranet / Website REdesign

Our consultants have experience in assessing, planning, and redesigning your next Intranet/Website that meet high standards and incorporate best practices. Is your current web presence old and outdated? Have you properly reviewed and evaluated the needs and user requirements? Is it aligned with the business and the organizations requirements? Are your users engaged, does it help them get to the information they need to do their work? In other words, does the intranet/web support your enterprise to fulfill its knowledge management needs?

Mainframe TECHNOLOGY skills gap

If you have a mainframe systems environment then you already know that a Perfect Storm is about to hit and as the CEO, CIO, CFO you will be in the centre of the vortex. Your long-term and dedicated staff are retiring, your systems are not well documented. Getting and keeping the right technical people to grow and support your mission critical systems has never been more challenging. The technology skills shortage combined with a mismatch between demand and supply are making a lack of key skills a hot issue for both CEO's and CIO's.


Software Development

Utilizing our proven and cost effective Agile methods, your software projects can be delivered to you quickly and at extremely competitive rates. We can help you with customized Web/App solutions with both Android and iOS. We have comprehensive experience with the today's key technology disciplines

Talent Greenhouse

For many companies, the process of recruiting, hiring and on-boarding new employees can be time-consuming and risky. To help you overcome this, xiBOSS offers Talent Greenhouse -- a hassle-free approach to nurture and grow your talent base on a risk-free low cost basis. Whether it be new grads, recent grads or Foreign Trained IT Professionals, xiBOSS will get you the right people from our global resource network. 

Talent Grid

Our experienced staffing and recruiting team fill roles within these disciplines on a regular basis:

  • Application Development
  • Data/Storage
  • Network/Infrastructure
  • Functional Technical