Is your current intranet old and outdated? Have you properly reviewed and evaluated the needs and user requirements? Is it aligned with the business and the organizations requirements? Are your users engaged, does it help them get to the information they need to do their work? In other words, does the intranet support your enterprise to fulfill its knowledge management needs?


Common issues include:
User needs and requirements weren't properly assessed prior to deployment.
The site was not calibrated for ease-of-use or best practice intranet usability standards.

We Can Help!
Our consultants have significant experience in assessing and planning Intranets that meet high standards and incorporate best practices. We build full plans to construct your redesigned Intranet, and then assist with a complete service to find the right vendor for technology deployment and optimization.

Based on a technology-neutral approach to defining business requirements, and a proven methodology for aligning user needs with organizational goals, our consultants are well positioned to provide your company with guidance on how to implement a best in class Intranet that fits with your organization.