Understanding the Client’s Requirements

Client Objective:  Quickly fill hard to find technical roles
Our client is a small but growing software development business that develops and operates a Web Application and Portal platform (WAPP). They were in need of a Web Developer with a specific range of skills including JS, HTML, CSS and a solid sense of UI/UX and design. They had previously experienced challenges receiving candidates that were under-qualified for the role, or uncomfortable working in a smaller business environment. Their experience with agencies in the past were about quantity rather than quality.

Solution: xiBOSS listened and rapidly delivered the right candidate
As this was the first time we worked with this particular client, xiBOSS met with their hiring manager in-person to get a detailed understanding of their needs and requirements, and a sense for the environment. We engaged in a quality 2 way conversation. We asked detailed questions to get a very clear picture of their view of the ideal candidate, and past challenges they’d had.  We briefed them on our process and approach.  When we launched our search, we searched widely but presented only a very select number of candidates who were aligned with their unique needs. 

Result, Benefit: Our client got the right technical people in place to keep growing the company
Our client was very impressed. We presented a very select number of candidates. They expressed their delight with the quality and fit, and proceeded to hire. We worked directly with both candidate and hiring manager through the on-boarding to complete a smooth placement.