Mitigating Risk

Client Objective:  Client needed urgent risk analysis
Executive Management of this medium sized firm became aware that they might be losing their long-serving Senior IT Manager to a competitor and expressed two major concerns:
1. Will valuable business assets (data/software) be safe from risk of theft or tampering
2. Are systems adequately documented to allow for smooth transition to new support personnel, or might crucial knowledge depart with the employee and lead to costly support interruptions?

Solution: xiBOSS successfully conducted full phase risk analysis and mitigation
xiBOSS quickly dispatched a pair of experienced consultants to an off-site meeting with management and board members to gather information necessary for a Risk Analysis.  This was followed by a proposal to undertake further investigation of potentially vulnerable areas under the guise of an “IT Process and & Security Review”, which was presented to employees as the first step of a Board-ordered Business Continuity Planning exercise necessitated out of best-practice governance.  With approval in hand, a suitably skilled audit team was struck, an announcement was made and the team was deployed.  

The team used an ITIL-based approach to inventory IT services and assess service management vulnerabilities. Glaring issues were addressed in coordination with existing IT staff, and less critical items were detailed in a report to the board.  Several xiBOSS team members were asked to remain engaged for several months following the study to help carry out the remaining risk mitigation.

Result, Benefit: Client suffered no service disruptions
The client did indeed lose its senior IT Manager after a period of time, but with the proactive steps that had been taken, the business did not experience any significant service disruptions.  It also ended up with much more hardened set of documented service management processes.