Event Planning Software Success!

Client Objective: Additional reports urgently required
A Metropolitan State University (MSU) uses our client’s EventDawn (Event Planning Software) as part of the teaching curriculum for an Event Planning course, and the course Professor was in urgent need of specific additional reports. The reports she was asking for were not specific to her class and were planned as part of the overall system redesign for all event planners to use.  There was a date specific, short term deadline that absolutely had to be met.

Solution: Reports delivered
Our software development team successfully delivered the required reports, as well as some emergent additional functionality, within the critical timeline. 

Result, Benefit: Client pleased because their product delivered added value. Our client, (Dawnsuite Communications Inc.), was happy because their EventDawn product was able to provide the MSU client with the value added functionality that they urgently needed.

 Testimonial - What our customer said...
 “I wanted to thank you very much for the effort you put in on our behalf.  You not only completed what we had asked for but completed additional tasks that make the job work even better.  And you did it in a schedule that was too short.   Thanks again for your wonderful work. “

Client: Dawnsuite Communications Inc.
Contact: Eric R. Dormer, President and CEO