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Talent Procurement

xiBOSS has developed a vast network of high-quality resources second to none. You can count on our experienced team to provide the right candidate for the job!
Our strength lies in our ability to simplify the creation and completion of project teams by rapidly providing knowledgeable candidates that are a perfect fit. Our staffing service options include:


Finding and engaging the best-qualified candidate in a timely and cost effective manner. xiBOSS has built a reputation for being able to fill urgent IT and business resourcing gaps with some of the best professional Independent Contractors in the industry. We are experts in existing and emerging technologies, and pride ourselves on being able to find the scarcest resources anywhere in the world. We build resource solutions that will deliver to the cost, quality, and time constraints of each unique project requirement.


xiBOSS has built a reputation for being able to fill urgent resourcing gaps with the best professionals in the industry. We are experts in existing and emerging technologies, and pride ourselves on being able to find the scarcest resources anywhere in the world. At xiBOSS, we follow a carefully structured recruitment and selection process, which starts from understanding the clients' needs through all phases. including preliminary interviews, client interviews and formal reference checks. 


xiBOSS Nearshore Staff Augmentation is an effective and affordable solution if you need to immediately increase the size of your software development team.

xiBOSS offers skilled IT people located in convenient time zones (0-3 hours ahead of EST) at super competitive rates. People with the latest technology skills are available for as short, or as long, a contract period as you want. They are also available on a part-time basis.  

Early-Stage Support Services


It’s a given that one of the critical success factors for early stage companies is attracting and hiring talent. The importance of having the right people in place, at the right time, cannot be overstated.  The challenge for rapidly growing companies is how to find the perfect candidate when your focus also needs to be on growing your business, as well as securing financing and new clients.  It takes a lot of time, energy and concentration to find the right people.  Recruiting agencies can really help but can be a price challenge.  xiBOSS has changed all that.  We recognize the financial constraints on new companies, so we have developed a pricing system specific to start-ups and early stage companies.  Why spend your valuable time searching for talent when we can do it for you, leveraging our extensive global network and state-of the-art recruiting tools?

We can find you people right next door, across the country, and across the globe.  We have a variety of different models to help you staff:

  • You can hire permanent employees. 
  • You can engage people under contract for specific tasks for a specific period.
  • You can engage top notch people in nearshore locations (often in the same time zone) with the same level of skills as the local market, but at a better price point.
  • ·You can use our unique new program for start-ups > “Try Before You Buy”.  (When you’re starting a company, you can’t always be sure that the people you hire are going to be the right long-term fit.  We can de-risk this for you).

    Business Guidance

    Early stage companies need a wide array of specialized help and guidance to become viable and successful.  For a young company to grow, it needs just-in-time specialized expertise in a variety of areas.  For example, expert knowledge in domains such as accounting, marketing, sales, business strategy, capital market planning, etc, are essential at the early stages of company growth. But growing companies don’t need this expertise on a fulltime basis - xiBOSS has assembled a global network of seasoned and expert professionals who are available on a part time basis to help emerging growth companies succeed.

    Software Development

    In today’s environment, start-ups need a robust, scalable, and cutting-edge technology platform to build their product upon.  If you’re not a technical person, (or even if you are), finding the right people or IT company to help turn your idea into a real and functioning application can be a daunting task.  xiBOSS can make your dream a reality - we can connect you to software development companies around the world with the latest technologies and creative pricing options (including development for equity). 


    Enterprise Consulting Services


    Organizational Change Management

    Working with seasoned Organizational Change Management (OCM) Consultants can make the difference between success and failure of your programs. Experienced and dedicated OCM consultants will partner with your sponsors, key stakeholders, and program/project managers, in order to ensure that your business benefits and a real return on investment (ROI) are realized.

    Technology Strategy

    Looking for an Expert to Help Your Team?

    We can provide very skilled, very experienced, technology consultants to our clients.


    Data analytics

    Coming soon

    A snapshot of some of the clients we are currently working with :

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    See what our clients are saying about our services.

    “Competent’ candidates weren’t going to be good enough for us—we literally asked xiBOSS to find us ‘superstars’ to help grow our business. xiBOSS met all our expectations and more. ”
    — Mike Durance CEO, Call Genie (UpSnap Inc.)

    “I wanted to thank you very much for the effort you put in on our behalf. You not only completed what we had asked for but completed additional tasks that made the job work even better. And you did it in a schedule that was too short. Thanks again for your wonderful work.”
     Eric R. Dormer President & CEO Dawnsuite Communications Inc.

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