xiVENTURES is a highly engaged boutique venture investment fund focused on select quality technology opportunities.. Our passion is investing in early-to-mid-stage tech companies with target investments of $100,00 to $200,000. We are the bridge between Friends and Family and Series A investment.

Early-stage companies:  Have proprietary technology or intellectual property that has the potential to be exploited on a global scale. The technology or lead product is usually beyond the proof of principle stage.

Mid-stage companies:  Generating revenues and have a strong pipeline of technologies and products, which has been developed by research and management teams with scientific and commercial credibility.

Every start-up is unique and every entrepreneur we invest in is important to us.  We understand businesses are highly contextual – we strive to understand our investments unique circumstances and will work with the entrepreneur to bring the right strategies and resources to bear.   We don’t believe in cookie-cutter formulas. We are interested in companies operating in high growth sectors who are early movers, can scale rapidly, and create value for all stakeholders.

Our team has a wealth of global operational experience and we are able to leverage our professional networks in support of our client companies. Through these networks and other teaming relationships, we can facilitate access, on a worldwide basis, to superior:

  • Talent
  • Technology Providers
  • “Just-in-Time” Business Guidance

We work closely with founders on their business model and capital markets strategy to hep ensure alignment with their vision and stakeholders.